Every decision we make is through the lens of a moral and market mission — something that helps us do right by our employees and our customers.



We are on a mission to unf*ck the financial system — from financial advisors that get paid a commission to push products, to predatory banking.

Together we will help our members take back power over their money.

Full-time employees:


Targeted product launch

FALL ’22

I am one lucky banana. I found my way here contracting but quickly realized that this is a special startup. People are actually nice to each other.
Patrick Bagwell, Director of Engineering

Beyond mission, I wanted to be a part of growing a design team that deeply intergrates brand and product design.
Katie Denton, Head of Design


I think that the financial industry is ripe for disruption (pun intended).
Adam Danker, Head of Strategy

I became a CFP to help people, I mean like really, truly provide good solid advice. Now I get to do that for real, no strings attached, while wearing a banana-print shirt!
Tracey Breaux, CFP®, Financial Guide


We are design-led makers and builders. We think this mindset helps us solve real problems for real people. Here’s some of what we’re working on.

Screenshot of a video call with four people smiling. In the chat box, a comment reads “there’s the folder of all the content for our upcoming web launch” and the response reads “thanks” Several lines of code from an iOS engineer answering the question “What are you working on” with “Awesome App,” “Great Idea” and “Never Give Up” Screenshot of a Figma comment box showing one employee asking “What are you working on” and a Hiring Lead answering “Hiring a team with the passion to build a new kind of company!” Screenshot of a Google doc comment box where one employee asks the question “what are you working on?” and the Head of Strategy answers “Crafting go-to-market strategy and working to frame our service as clearly and compellingly as possible.” Screenshot of a Slack message where one employee asks the question “what are you working on” and a financial advisor answers “Helping members find financial freedom one conversation at a time!!” A text message thread between the CEO and Head of Design where one shares a photo of fruit stickers in a shop window. The other responds “LOVE! Where are these fruity cuties?” And the other employee responds “Levi’s store on 34th” Screenshot of a digital whiteboard comment box where one employee asks “what are you working on?” and a service designer answers “Designing intuitive and empathetic tools and processes that support our member facing employees” Screenshot of a project tracking software comment box where one employee asks “what are you working on” and the Head of Design answers “I am working on building a world-class team of designers and a design culture that is holistic in the creation of experience — from the first time a member might hear of Fruitful to moments when they are deeply embedded in the product, the difference between good and great is craft.” An email with the subject line “what are you working on?” And the Head of Product answers “Creating service for members that changes their financial lives! No small feat, with a heart emoji” A Jira ticket comment thread where one employee asks “What are you working on?” And the Director of Engineering answers “Building better financial technology”



We are creating a company that reflects the country we live in — people who look, think, speak, and believe differently from each other. Our culture thrives on differences as part of an empathetic and resilient team, and an empathetic and resilient service.


Work from home. Work from beach. Work from minivan. Choose your productive work hours. Our goal is to make Fruitful the most flexible company ever. Ask for what you need to do your best work, and work the way that is best for you.

A sticker shaped like a watermelon slice that reads “Sweet Spot”


We try to be a good company, inside and out. We’re proud of how we run our business. There are no hidden incentives, no hidden sponsorships, no hidden profits. We will not make our coworkers unhappy to make our members happy. There is already enough of that bullsh*t at other tech companies.


We hire whole humans, not cardboard cutouts. We are creating a haven where it is safe for humans to disagree. We discuss discomfort rather than ignoring it. We expect and celebrate differences of styles, intensities, and capabilities at work. Our culture is kind, not grind.

A sticker that reads “Non Toxic Growth”


We are a for-purpose company. We earn a fair profit creating a good business. We make profits only so we can make changes. We’re also a forever company: we plan to be around a long time. We stay in control of our mission, our vision, and our destiny.


We are building a forever company for the future we want to live in. This is a future where both Fruitful members and employees are considered our greatest asset.


We want you to feel taken care of so you can do your best work.

Also, though Fruitful is a startup, we’re not new to what we are doing. We have an experienced team of leaders. Our CEO, Josh McManus, was formerly COO of Rock Ventures.


  • Benefits managed through Sequoia One
  • Medical coverage options including PPO with FSA, or HMO or HDHP with HSA
  • Free OneMedical membership
  • Free Rightway care concierge
  • Dental + vision + disability
  • Mental health support
  • 401(k) plan + up to 4% match
  • Unlimited vacay and personal days + 12 holidays
  • Up to 16 weeks parental leave for birthing parent, 8 weeks for non-birthing


  • Help expand our mission to be the most flexible workplace in America
  • Individual work styles respected
  • Remote-forever roles
  • No “cameras must be on” nonsense
  • Flexible hours
  • Only meetings that matter
  • Not a grind culture
  • Focus Fridays
  • Collaborative tools: Slack, Google Workspace, Miro, Trello, Jira, Dropbox, Confluence, Figma, Loom, Zoom, Expensify, MacBooks


  • Up to 4% company match on 401(k)
  • Gym reimbursement
  • Monthly lifestyle amenity stipend
  • WFH setup and office supplies budget
  • Generous equity — share our growth